Ceramiche L'Etruria
The "Lippina"

Ceramiche L'Etruria

Reproduction of detail from the painting “Madonna with Child and Angels” by Filippo Lippi, known as "Lippina", a work dated 1465, in exhibition at the Museo degli Uffizi in Florence, on a roof tile of the beginning of the 20th century, in light blue shades. A unique work, finely crafted in Cortona by Ceramiche L'Etruria.

The "Lippina" | Strade Maestre

Info & Disclaimer

This item is a work resulting from several artistic and crafting techniques applied to an antique object: as such imperfections and inhomogeneities are present, mostly due to uneven responses of the centuries-old earthenware to the firing process.
The entire process of firing, in order to fix the painting and its bright colours, is extremely tricky and requires a substantial mastery to reduce risks of breakages.


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51cm x 37cm x 6cm

Usage Notes

This roof tile is meant as a wall decor item – on both shelves and directly fixed on the wall with glues or adhesives, indoor or outdoor. It doesn't include a wrought iron wall mount system (that is usually available on other similar items).

More info

Recovery, adaptation, painting and finishing made ​​entirely by hand in Cortona, Italy.
Reproducibility is subject to obtaining tiles of the same size and age.