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A. General Sales Conditions

B. Website Terms of Use



Version: 1.0 – Valid from: 20/11/2014

The offering and sale of products on the website Strade Maestre (hereinafter also "Website") are subject to the terms established by these General Sales Conditions. Products on sale are offered and sold by ADVERIA s.r.l. (hereinafter also "Seller"), registered office: via Nino Bixio, 31 53100 Italy, VAT ID IT01379490525, 30.000 Euro of fully paid share capital, to retail consumers (hereinafter also "User"/"Users"). Complementary terms and information regarding the use of the website and ancillary procedures are available in the documents "Privacy Policy" and "Website Terms of Use". Users can access direct assistance and help by writing to: customersupport@strademaestre.com. The main legal references are the provisions of Italian Legislative Decrees n.6, 2 September 2005, and n.21, 21 February 2014, collectively known as "Codice del Consumo" ("Consumer Protection Act").

1. General provisions and scope of application

1.1. These conditions regulate the offering and sale of products on the website Strade Maestre (www.strademaestre.com) by the Seller to Users.

1.2. Purchases on the Website are reserved to retail customers. "Retail customer" is the individual who purchases with no professional or commercial purpose whatsoever. Professional users are requested to send their inquiries to: inquiries@adveria.it.

1.3. The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill orders coming from subjects not compliant with the policy terms expressed in this and other relevant documents.

1.4. This document does not cover the sale of products that might be offered in the website on behalf of third party sellers. This might happen due to regulatory limitations affecting certain kinds or products or production/distibution processes driving the ADVERIA to adopt only the role of merchant while the supplier remains the seller. In these cases modifications, issued by the supplier/manufacturer, will apply. The User will receive adequate and timely information about the conditions in force.
At the time of validity of this document there is no occurence of such circumstance.

2. Contract Agreement

2.1. The contract between Users and the Seller arises through the completion of the order placement process on the Website. Users can place orders through the checkout process: by sending required information and submitting them the order is sent to the Seller.

2.2. Prior to each purchase Users are required to agree to the General Sales Conditions. A copy of the document is sent to Users right after the placement of an order.

2.3. The Seller provides Users with adequate information about products, prices, sales procedures, consumer rights. The goal is to let the User have adequate information prior to placing orders.

2.4. In several specific cases (such as, but not limited to, bulky products, "remote" destinations) additional information could be required from Users and/or the Seller in order to define actual delivery/complementary costs. Users will not be bound to purchase until they have received complete and actual information regarding their orders and have subsequently submitted them.

2.5.Submitting an order binds User to pay the agreed total amount for the relevant order.

2.6. Users can edit, modify and delete orders prior to submit them.

2.7. The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill orders coming from Users that have provided incomplete and/or erroneous data or that are under serious concerns regarding solvency.
The Seller has the right to cancel an order when, due to reasons of force majeuere, one or more ordered items become unavailable.

2.8. In the event of unexpected unavailability the Seller will promptly inform and refund the User of the purchase price that he/she might have already paid for the item/s become unavailable.

2.9. By placing and order the User implies to have read and agreed to all of the additional applicable terms and conditions such as: Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

2.10. The Seller will send to Users a purchase invoice in digital format via e-mail. Users agree to receive all documents in digital format as a form of "durable medium" as stated by art.50 of Italian Consumer Protection Act.

3. Product features and warranty

3.1. Products on sale at www.strademaestre.com are high-quality items, made in Italy, produced with mostly handicraft processes, most often typical of their respective areas of production. Possible inherent tangible product specificities related to production processes are detailed in each product page - in order to provide Users with adequate information on which they can form their purchase decisions.

3.2. Products on sale are new and recently manufactured (made to order in several cases). Vintage and antique products (or products based on the reuse of vintage and antique items) can be on sale. In any caso Users are informed about the nature and conditions of each product.

3.3. All product features are documented and detailed on the respective product pages. Images included are made with the highest possible technical standard yet they have to be considered as a proxy for reality: colours, for instance, are rendered differently by each combination of broswer and visualization device.

3.4. Each product might be subject to limitations in foreign countries. The Seller guarantees full compliance only for Italy. For foreign countries the User is fully accountable for his/her purchases.

4. Purchases and payments

4.1. Puchases can be payed by using the payment methods displayed in the checkout process. Specific products might bring with them only a subset of the geneally available payment methods.

4.2. When and if Users pay using credit/debit cards the Seller does not collect and store any pertaining financial information. Payment data are sent through an encrypted data flow. without any possibility of access by the Seller o third parties, directly to payment services providers, the like of PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. and/or similar organizations. These information will be used by the Website of the Seller only for payment and refund procedures as required by the User.

5. Shipping and Delivery

5.1. Standard shipping methods and options are detailed in the Orders and Delivery section of the Website: they represent the current standard service levels provided by our logistics suppliers.

5.2. Products on sale on the Website always come with a "standard preparation time", detailed, and updated to reflect changes, on each product page. The sum of this time and the standard delivery time gives the estimate for the fulfillment of the order. Times must be calculated starting from when we receive evidence of payments being performed.

6. Customer support

6.1. Users in need of assistance regarding their orders are requested to write an email to:customersupport@strademaestre.com. All contact options are detailed in the Contacts of the Website.

7. Right of Withdrawal and Returns

7.1. Users have the right to withdraw from their purchase contracts within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods.

7.2. Users must send an email message to returns@strademaestre.comreferring to the instructions and templates provided in the Orders and Delivery section of the website. The Seller will acknowledge the receival of the request and provide the User with directions regarding the return shipment.

7.3. Once the return request has been acknowledged by the Seller the User is bound to ship the returned goods within 14 days from the acknowledgement by the Seller.

7.4. The User will be entitled to use, for the return shipment, the delivery service proposed by the Seller or another of his/her choice.

7.5. If the User resorts, for return shipments, to the service proposed by the Seller, he/she shall follow the following directions: properly and securely package the returned goods, provide a correct and complete address for the collection of the shipment, print the shipping label and apply it to packages as required by the Seller, make the shipment be available for collection (residential or commercial addresses) at the established date. The User is responsible for the correct execution of these requirements; the User agrees that by failing to comply with the above directions might cause him/her to incur in additional costs.

7.6. The User will be refunded of the price paid to the Seller for the purchase of the goods and their delivery, with the exception of additional costs deriving from the choice of a more expensive delivery option compared with the cheapest one available for the specific product.

7.7. In order to properly and successfully complete the return procedure the following conditions have to be met:

7.7.1. The return request must have been sent within 14 days from the receival of the product (the last one if the order included more than one shipment). Please refer to the section Orders and Delivery for detailed instructions.

7.7.2. The returned goods must be complete, intact and not damaged. In case of damaged goods the Seller will notify the refusal of the return and the User will have the choice of having the goods shipped back to him/her, at his/her expenses. In case of goods displaying signs of wear which do not configure a damage but which exceed the levels presumably and reasonably required for a normal product verification the User will be accountable for the diminished value of the goods. The Seller will be then entitled to apply to the refund a reduction in the range of 10-90 percent, according to the entity of the ascertained value reduction, to the refund due to the User. Should such a circumstance occur the User will be notified and will have 14 days to decide if he/she accepts the refund (as reduced after the Seller's evaluation) or requires the Seller to ship the goods, in the state in which they have been received by the Seller, back to him/her, agreeing to pay for shipping expenses.

8. Refunds

8.1. Refunds will be sent, as promptly as possible, to Users once the return procedure has been completed, within 14 days from the reception of the return request. The Seller is entitled to suspend the refund procedure up until the receival of the returned goods.

8.2. Refunds will be performed using the same payment methods used by the User for the purchase, unless the User opts for another method among those available on the Website.

8.3. Failure to comply to directions for returns and refunds imply that the User forfeits his/her right to the refund but, if goods have been returned to the Seller, will have the right to request, within 14 days from the notification of the refusal of the refund request, to have them shipped back at his/her expenses.

8.4. The User, as specified above, is accountable for the reduction of value of the goods coming from an use exceeding the acceptable limits implied by a "normal use" for the verification of the nature and features/functionalities of goods by the User him/her-self.

9. Privacy

9.1. The Privacy Policy currently in force is accessible at this link: http://www.strademaestre.com/en/privacy.

9.2. Users can refer to the Website Terms of Use below for additional information about data processing performed by the Seller.

9.3. For information and inquiries about personal data processing and privacy issues Users can contact us via email at this address: privacy@strademaestre.com.

10. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

10.1. These General Sales Conditions are regulated by Italian Law, with particular reference to the Legislative Decree n. 206, 6 September 2005, section 1 "Dei diritti dei consumatori nei contratti" ("About consumer rights in contracts"), to the provisions regarding distance contracts and to specific issues addressed by Legislative Decree n.70, 9 April 2003.

10.2. In case of disputes among Users and the Seller, arising and related to these General Sales Conditions, the Seller unreservedly agrees to resort to the Online Mediation Service "RisolviOnline" offered by the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan. RisolviOnline is an independent online service aimed at reaching a fast and satisfactory extra-judicial settlement through the mediation of a skilled and expert mediator. For complete information or to open a request of mediation please refer to the website www.risolvionline.com.

11. Update of terms and conditions

11.1. These General Sales Conditions are modified from time to time also in order to comply with arising legislative and regulatory changes. Each new version of the General Sales Conditions are valid from the date of their publication on the Website.



General Terms of Use of the website

Welcome on our website Strade Maestre (www.strademaestre.com). The access and use of this website are disciplined by the current Terms of Use in conjunction with the General Sales Conditions, which cover all of the activities directly related to purchasing.

The website Strade Maestre (hereinafter also "Website") is property of ADVERIA s.r.l., registered office: via Nino Bixio, 31 53100 Italy, VAT ID IT01379490525, 30.000 Euro of fully paid share capital (hereinafter also "ADVERIA").

For inquiries about the present Terms of Use please contact us at sm@strademaestre.com.

1. Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data of users that do not enter in ordering and purchasing activities is covered by the general Privacy Policy of the Website.

2. Intellectual Property

The contents of the Website such as, but not limited to, pictures, images, texts, web layout and design, are protected by copyright of ADVERIA and other applicable entitled third parties. Reproduction of the contents of the Website, even in partial form, is forbidden without explicit consent from ADVERIA or the entitled authors.

As a private user you are authorized to enact temporary forms of reproduction, with no economic or professional purposes, such as, for instance, the posting and sharing of contents on online social network platforms. Under no circumstance you will be allowed to publish contents from the Website obtained through their alteration, modification and/or integration with other additional elements of whatsoever nature.

By accessing and using this Website you agree to respect all of the existing rights on copyrighted works.

3. Trademarks and Domain Names

Use of the trademark Strade Maestre, of the name Strade Maestre and of domain strademaestre.com are reserved to ADVERIA and the Website.

Every other name and trademark owned by third parties used on the Website is present for the sole purpose of presenting and describing products on sales and their manufacturers.

Strade Maestre and all of other trademarks present on the Website cannot be used by users to acquire unfair gains and advantages arising from their reputation and distinctiveness or to enact actions directly or indirectly harming the trademarks and their owners.

4. Links to external websites

The Website contains hypertextual links ("links") to external websites having no organizational ties with Strade Maestre o ADVERIA. ADVERIA does not implement any monitoring activity on such websites and cannot be deemed responsible for their content, the publishing and commercial policies implemented by them or matters regarding privacy and personal data processing. The present Termsn do not apply to external websites.

The links on the Website do not represent a form of recommendation or guarantee about the contents of the target websites in terms of quality, accuracy and correctness of application of rules and policies, matters the respective owners, operators and contributors are the sole responsible.

5. Inbound links

ADVERIA has the right to oppose to the activation of inbound links to Strade Maestre coming from subjects who have previously set up unfair practices or are reasonably suspected of being about to put into practice discrediting actions against Strade Maestre, ADVERIA, its suppliers, customers and contibutors.

Under no circumstance practices like deep linking and deep framing o the use of meta tags distinctively referable to Strade Maestre will be allowed.

6. Content and usability of the website

Strade Maestre does not publish contents that are illegal, not permitted or even only commonly perceived as harmful to the sensitivity of users.

ADVERIA cannot guarantee that they are appropriate or lawful in countries outside of Italy. Were, for any reason, our content be deemed as not permitted in a foreign country the user takes full responsibility for consequences coming from the use of the Website.

ADVERIA shall ensure that the information contained in the Website is always accurate, complete and current. However ADVERIA will only be liable for willful gross misconduct or gross negligence, as stated by the law.

ADVERIA works to keep Strade Maestre up and running and accessible 24 hours a day, every day. However we can not guarantee that that Website is always running and accessible, free of malfunctions and errors that might reduce its accessibility and usability. Suspensions to accessibility might be dictated b needs for maintenance and upgrade activities. Our commitment is to limit as much as possible the associated service disruptions.

ADVERIA takes appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to maintain the security of the Website and its services, to protect it against unauthorized access and loss of data managed by Strade Maestre on behalf of its users and customers.

7. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

The use and access to the Website are regulated by Italian laws.
Disputes between users and ADVERIA arising from and related to matters disciplined by the current Terms of Use for the Website will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Siena - Italy. Parties agree to make, in first instance, an attempt at extra-judicial resolution of the dispute.