Ceramiche L'Etruria
Saint George and the Dragon on antique roof tile

Ceramiche L'Etruria

Antique roof tile with painting inspired by the them of Saint George and the Dragon – during Renaissance these was a favourite subject of many Italian artists of the like of Raffaello Sanzio, Vittore Carpaccio, Paolo Uccello and Cosmè Tura.

Saint George and the Dragon on antique roof tile | Strade Maestre

Info & Disclaimer

This item is a work resulting from several artistic and crafting techniques applied to an antique object: as such imperfections and inhomogeneities are present, mostly due to uneven responses of the centuries-old earthenware to the firing process.
The entire process of firing, in order to fix the painting and its bright colours, is extremely tricky and requires a substantial mastery to reduce risks of breakages.


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55cm x 34cm x 5cm

Usage Notes

Can be hung on walls thanks to the included handmade wrought iron wall mount frame. Use wall fixing systems suitable for the weight of the product.

More info

Recovery, adaptation, painting and finishing made ​​entirely by hand in Cortona, Italy.
Reproducibility is subject to obtaining tiles of the same size and age.