RINASCIMENTO Lead Crystal White Wine Glasses


Set of Rinascimento lead crystal white wine glasses - from the rich heirloom of models from the decades of experience of ColleVilca the 2015 restyling of a set of fully handcrafted set of glasses.



RINASCIMENTO Lead Crystal White Wine Glasses

Info & Disclaimer

This product has been produced with a traditional, centuries-old process - each and every item is rigorously handmade. Even the tools used in the manufacturing process look ageless and as there is no compute-based control on sizes and weights slight differences might exist between specimens of the same product.


Deliveries will resume after October 7th


H. 18cm

Usage Notes

Check this page to get all the information on how to clean and maintain ColleVilca crystal products and about safety measures for lead crystal products

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100% made in Italy lead crystal