Orders and Delivery

Strade Maestre is designed to render your shopping experience visually pleasing, rich in information, clear, friendly and straightfoward. With a continuous commitment towards customer satisfaction.


You can shop both as a registered user or a guest one. We invite you to register, in order to benefit from all of the promotional initiatives we reserve to our registered cutomers.

The buttons "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" allow you to store the products in your Shopping Cart. You can check the content of the Shopping Cart at any time while you are browsing the catalogue and edit its content as you prefer.

On the Shopping Cart page you can visualize the estimation of shipping charges, based on information on delivery that you are requested to submit, and the preview of the total amount you are going to pay if you are going to submit an order based on the Shopping Cart content. When you are ready to submit an order click on the button "Proceed to Checkout" to start the checkout procedure that will create the order.

During the checkout procedure you will be requested to submit some information - if you are a registered user these might be retrieved from your account: name & address, billing address, shipping address. You will be then presented with one or more options for delivery, each accompanied by the associated price. Same will apply to payment methods: one or more will be available. Under no circumstance you will be charged additional fees based on the payment method you select.

Payment methods that can be available are (you will always find at least one of them):

- Credit Card: we use the PayPal Pro service that allows users that don't own a PayPal account to use their credit/debit cards to perform payments.

- PayPal Account: if you have a PayPal account you can use it to pay your orders.

- Bank Transfer: if you choose this method you will have to follow the instructions we will give you during the checkout process and in the order confirmation email so that we can associate the transfer to your order. Standard preparation times apply from when we receive the payment on our bank account.

Once you have submitted your order you will receive a confirmation email with a detailed recap of your purchase. Attached to the message you'll find a copy of the General Sales Terms for your records.


We currently ship to all of the EU countries and to the US and Canada. Each product brings with it one or more shipping options.

Several bulkier products might not be available for delivery to North America.

Our standard shipping options and service levels are:


Italy UPS Standard: 1-2 business days
UPS Express Saver: next business day
UE Countries UPS Standard: 1-5 business days
UPS Express Saver: next business day
USA & Canada UPS Express Saver: within 2 business days 

For several specific products (large or very heavy ones, for instance) we might use a different shipping method. You will always find relevant information during the order placement process.

If your order incudes more than one item we will ship them based on the amount of time needed to prepare them for shipping and the location of departure: we will send you each item as soon as they are ready, even if we will have to resort to multiple shipments. You will anyway be charged (if you are going to be charged) only for one shipment. Order above certain spending thresholds will be eligible for free shipping, as well as special offer on single products or specific combinations.


If you are not pleased with your purchase and want to return one or more items we ask you to send an email to returns@strademaestre.com. Just write down a simple message, following the template available here.

We offer to our customer, for return shipments, access to the service provided by our suppliers. You can then use a premium service with lower fees than those commonly available. If you opt for this service we will inform you in advance about the price, whose amount will be subtracted from the total of the due refund.

We invite you to carefully read, for a thorough description of rules and requirements for return the General Sales Conditions.