Have questions about Strade Maestre? Please skim through this list of basic questions & answers as a first step. If what you need it's just not here feel free to contact us, we will get back to you ASAP.


  • OK, it's about "made-in-Italy" but... what kind of products does Strade Maestre sell?

Products on sale at Strade Maestre have some fundamental features in common: they are produced by Italian manufacturers (mostly small ones, very small sometimes) with a rigourously local production process, based on a heirloom of techniques and styles coming from ages of craftmanship know-how in various disciplines, usually in historical areas of production. We select products that combine the dominance of craftmanship with being made-in-Italy and technically and stylistically remarkable. Coming from small-scale production processes our products usually require slightly longer delivery times but we do not resort to intensive (and exploitative) solutions: we try to establish a "virtuous" alliance with our suppliers in order to satisfy your needs in a sustainable and ethical way. {Yes, "ethical" can be a debatable concept but we really aim at being so, "ethical"}
Some items are more on the artistic side and, as such, they could be available as unique pieces.

  • For how long are products available?

We do not engage in timed sales, as they commonly have the goal of reducing the stock of unsold products of the supplier: products on sale at Strade Maestre come from the current collections and assortments of our suppliers. So, they are available on a permanent basis, save for unique pieces (or changes to assortments made by suppliers). Our relations with suppliers are very close and direct so, if a product you like is currently out of stock, feel free to check with us if we can arrange with the supplier an on-demand production.


  • How come we have a small number of suppliers?

Strade Maestre is not an online marketplace, we do not rely on quantity. We established our mission to be the setup of a carefully crafted shop offering remarkable Italian goods - in 2014 we are starting up from where we are based, Tuscany and its neighbouring regions. We strongly (very strongly) prefer to create strong ties with our suppliers, coupling their need to achieve an adequate online presence for their products with our offering of a dedicated solution.
Keep an eye on us, we hope to let you enjoy all of the future additions to our catalogue to offer you more and more opportunities of shopping truly remarkable Italian products.


  • Wondering from whom, exactly, you are purchasing items on sale at Strade Maestre?

Strade Maestre followed the hard way: we are the merchant, we are the seller. Not just for the sake of the hard way in itself, it's because we knew that in order to convey a credible offering and to create a standard in customer relationships we had to play this role. ADVERIA s.r.l. (similar to a UK Ltd. company) is the company that owns and runs the webstore Strade Maestre and, as such, propose to its customers the General Sales Conditions. In the near future we might adopt exceptions to this rule: in this case you will be thourougly informed. For instructions on how to shop on our website please refer to the section Orders and Delivery.

  • What are your payment options?

We currently offer three standard options: credit card, PayPal account, wire transfer. Credit card payments are enabled by PayPal Ltd., we depend on them for the accepted cards and cards associations (Visa and Mastercard are OK while AmEx is not...) for Italian merchants. If you have a PayPal account you can use it for your payments. For bank transfers you will receive the relevant information during the checkout procedure. The choice of the payment option is the last step in the checkout process.

  • When do payments take place?

Right at the moment of purchase if you are using a credit card o your PayPal account. If you resort to wire transfer you are requested to complete the payment so that we can proceed with the fulfillment of your order (we'll wait to receive the funds on our bank account before shipping). We plan to expand payment options in the future - keep on following us.

  • How and where can I check a recap of my orders?

You've got your mailbox, sure, but if you prefer we offer you (only if you are a registered customer) a user area on our website, accessible through the "log in" link above the navigation menu, in the upper right area of the page. A full recap of your orders and purchases is available, as well as other management functions for your account.

  • I have a discount/coupon code, how do I use it?

You can apply codes and coupons in the shopping cart, entrying the code as it is provided (watch out for uppercase/lowercase!) in the field highlighted here. Coupons are not meant to be cumulated so if you have more than one you can only use them one for each purchase.


  • Can I track shipments?

Yes. Our provider UPS associate a tracking code to each shipment. We have several ways to communicate the tracking code: as a standard you will receive it within the email confirmation of the shipment. Or we could send you a distinct email message. Anyway we will send you the tracking code.

  • I have purchased multiple items, how and when will be they delivered?

Products on sale at Strade Maestre have sometimes very different lead times and supply processes so we have decided to adopt a standard policy: we ship products as soon as they are ready to be shipped. Plain and simple like that. And you always pay delivery fees for ONE shipment, even if we send multiple shipments. And this is valid also if your order is eligible for free shipping.


  • I purchased one or more items but I want to return them. What should I do?

You have 14 days to communicate to us your decision. We comply with the stringent Italian Consumer Protection Law, please refer to the General Sales Conditions and to the Orders and Delivery section of the website for details.

  • OK, I sent you the return request, what now?

It's time to choose how to send the products back to us: we will have sent at your email address the destination address for the return and additional information if needed - you can opt to use our service, fast, reliable and with home collection at affordable prices, or use on of your choice. In both cases you are accountable for the correct preparation and packaging of the products. After we receive the products we open the procedure to send you back the refund to which you are entitled.

  • Do I have to pay for return shipments?

Yes. To achieve maximum efficiency you can use our service at competitive fares, with home collection, fast and reliable.

  • When will I receive the refund for returned products?

Right after we receive and check the products we notify you via email and start the refund procedure: we will send you the due amount using the same payment method you adopted for the purchase - the overall time will be influenced by the technical times of the payment services provider. Usually you will receive the refund within 4-5 business days.