How to care for Lead Crystal products

Lead crystal glass is a peerless material. Centuries of research and improvements have brought to brilliant, elegant, almost perfectly translucent products. Almost everybody know lead crystal but not many know those little "best practices" that can decisively help to maintan it at its best for a long time.


First thing you might come across is the removal of labels. Don't use sharp objects, they could damage and scratch the surface of crystal. Rather use a hairdryer to warm the label so that its glue loosens enough to let you easily remove the label. Or you can use a piece of soft cloth soaked in vinegar. The goal is to preserve crystal from being scratched.

Pitchers, jugs and other containers meant to store liquids need to be filled with a 50% water and 50% lemon or vinegar mix for 24 hours before they can be used. In addition you might want to wash them with wam water and a mild detergent.

You can wash lead crystal items in a dishwasher but always prefer mid-low temperature wash cycles and store items carefully placing them safely distanced from one another. Whan you handwash them don't wear rings.

Dry them with soft cloth and avoid storing them upside down and/or on hard surfaces. Always keep them distanced and at constant temperature (it's not advisable to store them in fridge or use them in a microwave oven). Beware: despite being rather flexible lead crystal can break if enough pressure is applied to most delicate elements (like the stems of the glasses). Don't stack glasses.


Stains are generally easily removed applying a 1:! mix of water and vinegar or lemon juice. Regular cleansing with soft clothed soaked in vinegar ensures that lead crystal stays at its best for a long time. Additional usage of a mild detergent is allowed as wll.

If you need to reach "hard" angles the trick is adding to the water-vinegar mixture a quantity of rice grains. Shaking the ojects the grains will clean the surface by gently "scrubbing" it.


Lead crystal glass can only have this name, as regulated by current laws, if it consists of at least a 24% of lead oxide. Lead crystal product on sale on this website have been thoroughly tested and are compliant to the stringent European directive 69/493/EEC - and by ample margins.