Ceramiche L'Etruria

Painting style, fine craftsmanship, care for the recovery and the selection of materials are the foundations of the distinctiveness of this workshop of ceramic art.

From the shop overlooking the central piazza Signorelli in Cortona, Italy, Ceramiche L'Etruria shine for their creativity and care in transforming antique items to give them a new stylish life: terracotta roof tiles, tiles and bricks coming from ancient country houses, churches and palaces - from Tuscany, Umbria and other places in Central Italy.
The painting thems and patterns find their inspirations in work of arts and in the classic decorative floral and geometric patterns - the latter especially for items for everyday use - revisited with utmost care and unparalleled skill, with the declared goal of escaping the excessive trivialization that has been affecting Italian decorated ceramic production in the last decades.

Ceramiche L'Etruria | Strade Maestre