Why Strade Maestre

We think it's about time for Italian online retailers to start making a decisive move towards the building of a fully-fledged online channel to serve the global consumer market with a high-quality, high-profile offering of made in Italy goods and crafts from small and medium-sized enterprises

  • We are a made-in-Italy online retail business: we follow old "high roads" (that is the flavour of an English translation for "Strade Maestre") to discover, select and bring to you good Italian products from good Italian manufacturers. Nothing more, nothing less. No revolution, just solid and passionate no-nonsense approach to liberate those good products from bad rethoric and poor marketing practices.
  • We aim at offering to customers a refined experience of made-in-Italy products, one that combines tradition and history with contemporary taste and innovation. Because too often Italian products are marketed with a nonchalant, careless approach that relies on the mere concept of origin.
  • The access to adequate e-commerce resources is not always easy for small enterprises whose products need to be positioned in a distinctive way. Large maketplace platforms lack the degree of specialization needed - a specialist retailer can provide benefits to both consumers and suppliers, that's what we believe.

Besides, we think it's fundamental that Strade Maestre, as a professional retailer, offers you the opportunity to shop with confidence from abroad, trying to tune our service levels in line with our value proposition. So we are continuously focused on understanding your needs as a customer to keep up with your expectations - while we strive to develop this business and make it growth in a sustainable and likable fashion.

At the origin of Strade Maestre lies the conviction of a group of founders who put together a "business recipe" based on their work and education experiences in the fields of marketing, business administration, IT management, web design, photography, contemporary history, software engineering and coding. We believe we can act as a credible player in a sector to which we'd love to bring our contribute.

We kicked off in the last quarter of 2014 - long roads lie ahead for us to be explored and travelled.

We'll be very pleased to have you as our guest along our journey. 



Terre di Siena Creative LogoStrade Maestre has been awarded in 2014 a prize from Terre di Siena Creative, in its startup competition promoted by APEA s.r.l. and Provincia di Siena.

We are proud of such a recognition and fully committed to develop our business with a central focus on the Siena area.