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Strade Maestre is the new Italian online shop offering you an ever-expanding range of high quality handcrafted goods, all of them stemming from a heritage of style and classic design. Timeless creations of home decor, kitchenware, jewels, classic and modern design.

A carefully crafted selection brought you by Strade Maestre - made for all sorts of fanciers and connoisseurs of Italy and its wonders.


We firmly believe that quality Italian products can convey a timeless beauty, the style of a design before the age of design, the heirloom of many kind of research and knowledge built along the course of many centuries of Arts and craftsmanship in Italy


Made in Italy: An Italian Renaissance


There is an Italian way of manufacturing that brings with it all of the flavour of flair and creativity that are classic and modern at the same time. In an age of widespread adoption of offshoring process nominally aimed at reducing costs but actually undermining value, Strade Maestre offer is based on works and creations entirely designed and made in Italy, usually in the same places and by the same families since many generations if not centuries.

Because qualities and values exist that cannot just be transferred somewhere else without letting them lose their souls.

Home decorating ideas and much more


We invite you to explore our catalogue made of home decor products, home accessories, kitchenware, wall art products, crystalware, sterling silver jewelry, leather goods, all handcrafted with care and passion. As the Italia tradition itself mandates, products made both thoughtfully and passionately, to make a history of high craftsmanship ever present and contemporary



You and Strade Maestre: your home decorators


Strade Maestre has its roots in the ambition to introduce you to a world of charm and fascination, rich in inspirations to decorate your home and to shop for refined gifts. We started our journey, away from the most beaten roads, that led us to discover and love places, people and outstanding products and creations - an everchanging combination of stories, history and creativity.

We invite you to join us in this trip to Italy to share the fruits of this "expedition". Our travel leads us to (re)discover antique time-honored arts and crafts of Italy, such as ceramics, textiles and linens, crystalware, leather goods, wrought iron, fine jewelry.

We select firms and craftsmen with generations of experience behind them, with strong ties to traditions and heritage of manufacturing districts, because made in Italy quality cannot be improvised. The best things are daughters of time, dedication and passion.


Centuries of Italian designers


Among our product you will find: dinner services, plates set, cups, vases, centrepieces, all sorts of tableware, lead crystal items, glassware, wrought iron, wood, jewels and 925 sterling silver bijoux - but also unique creations of artistic craftsmanship and remarkable examples of creativity in the reuse of materials

Soon we will allow you to explore additional product categories: bags, kitchen and bedroom linens, home furnishings and accessories.
Each of them made with mastery, utmost care and love by fine Italian craftsmen and small firms.
Come find old and new decorating ideas and gift inspirations, with both classic and modern designs.

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Shop with trust at Strade Maestre


Unlike all marketplace websites Strade Maestre doesn't take the easy road: we do not leave customers and manufacturers to face the potential hassles of the commercial relationship. We are a fully-fledged shop, we manage the entire process so that we bring to you a reliable, precise and secure service.


Secure payments, quality deliveries, easy returns


Consumer rights are a top priority to us in order to build a distinctive and pleasurable shopping experience that is also straightforward, easy to access and secure.

You can pay securely on Strade Maestre thanks to the services of PayPal - even if you don't own a PayPal account you can pay your orders with the allowed credit/debit cards. Or, if you prefer, you can use a standard bank transfer.

You can refer to the information pages about ordering, payments and deliveries. If you have specific questions or want to get in touch you can contact us directly.

If you want to return your order you have 14 days to communicate your decisione - you will receive a 100% refund of the sum you paid, including shipping costs. Please refer to the Orders and Delivey section of the site for a complete overview of the applicable terms and conditions.